Roof flashing is necessary for aesthetic purposes and keeping rainwater from seeping underneath the chimney and damaging the wooden roofing structure. Get in touch with us for quality and durable roof flashing.


Many people do not understand the problem when they have leaking roofs. If your roof is leaking or showing light through the spaces, it is likely that the flashing is destroyed. At QNK Roofing, we can help you remedy the problem and avoid any further damage to the structure.

Our team is well trained on all roofing aspects and boasts of vast experience. With us, no job is too complicated. We are readily available and attend to all our clients in the shortest time possible to prevent further damage and deterioration of the roof.

The Best Roof Flashing Company in Stamford

Flashing is put in place to protect the roof from leaks. It is placed in the edges or joints where water can get into your home. Even though some of the leaks might not be noticed for some time, the dampness caused can lead to growth of mould and rotting of wood which might require a complete overhaul of your roof prematurely.

If you notice any leaks or wet spots, you should get in touch with us immediately. We offer roof flashing and roof flashing repairs in Stamford and the surrounding areas. Our contractors have many years of experience and we use the latest equipment to assist in detecting and repairing damaged flashing.

Properly Reinstalling Roof Flashing

There are a multitude of problems that can plague your roof flashing. The most common is poorly installed flashing. We can help you properly install the flashing and get it to work properly. We can also help you repair worn out flashing and we can also take care of all your residential and commercial roofing needs.

To guarantee the best results for our customers, we use the best quality materials from the most renowned companies. We take pride in our spotless reputation and we endeavour to ensure all our clients are satisfied with our services no matter how small or big the task at hand is.