Metal roofing is one of the most preferred types of roofing and for a good reason too. It is reliable, lasts long and it is quite affordable. At QNK Roofing, we offer quality metal roofing services and we have been offering the service for many years.

Apart from installation we also do metal roof repairs and metal roof restorations for worn out and damaged roofs respectively. Our professional roofers will take you through your options, advice on the best brands according to your needs and budget and competitively install the new roof for you.

Get All Your Roofing Needs Covered By the Experts

Roofs are not cheap to install. Without proper installation, the cost can get even higher with constant repairs and leaks. That is why you need an expert to help you in restoring or installing your metal roof. We have the best team of experts who work together to ensure your roof is perfect and that it will serve you for ages with minimal maintenance and repairs.

You will also enjoy our consultation services where we do a site visit and help you decide on the best options for you. This is important especially for repairs or restoration tasks since we need to identify the problem and its magnitude before giving proper advice.

Providing Reliable Roofing Services in Stamford

Before you decide on the roof you want, make sure you have gone through the options with our professionals. We will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our advice is unbiased so we will present the benefits and downsides of each solution.

For new homes, we also offer other services like installation of siding and commercial roofing installation and roof flashing. With our comprehensive range of services, you get your roofing and siding needs attended to by one competent and experienced contractor for the best results.

Why Do You Need Our Expert Metal Roofing Services?

Finding the right experts that can help you when you are trying to figure out which metal roofing is best can be difficult. However, your search ends here because we are all you need. We have the expertise from years of helping individuals such as yourself and the team to get the job done.